A mind stretched to a new idea
never goes back to its original dimensions.

I work with smart, forward-thinking people who want to get started with the next  step in their lives. Perhaps you have come to an important cross roads of your life or have the desire for more of something or less of another. There are any number of reasons why my clients come to me for coaching:

  • to get organized or start or complete a project,
  • to improve their finances or relationships,
  • to balance the various demands and aspects of their lives.

Regardless of what issues emerge, coaching engages your imagination, honors your uniqueness and connects you with your passions and deepest desires.

Imagine a relationship where the total focus is on you and how to achieve what you want in life. If you can visualize this, you already have a feel for coaching. Opportunities for this type of relationship are rare these days and research affirms that they are shrinking. Then need for connection and challenge however, remain. Whether you are wrestling with a problem or need the time and space to collect your racing mind, professional coaching is an extremely effective way to help you gain clarity and direction.
There are concrete steps you can take right now to identify what’s most important and help you let go of the rest. With the help of a coach, you can commit to a path to a more meaningful life. Awareness and balance will start become your natural way of being and doing. You will be able to more realistically and effective deal with everyday responsibilities and challenges.

You are most likely to succeed in coaching if…
My clients typically share many of the following commitments and beliefs. If these fit you as well you are likely someone who will greatly benefit from coaching.

  • You have the willingness and take the time to do the work. It’s one thing to want to make a change or learn something new. It’s another thing to be fully committed and take the necessary actions to really move forward and get the job done.
  • You are open-minded. You are willing to check out new possibilities, even though you’ll need to think and step outside what feels familiar.
  • You are committed to a lifetime of learning, not just a quick fix. A well lived life isn’t about quenching our every desire. It is achieved through a mindful way of living, meaningful interaction with others and grows through commitment and practice.
  • You understand the importance of support and open communication. Coaching requires honest communication and a collaborative attitude. You are not afraid to ask for support, and you communicate in an open candid manner.

Clients see results from working with Holly
“Holly is a breath of fresh air, infusing sessions with a sense of humor and fun. She has helped me live by my highest spiritual values and make lasting progress on my goals.”

“Holly leads you gently and intuitively, with skill and compassion, on a path of self discovery…Whether it is making changes about your health or career or creating more freedom in your life, change happens!”

“Holly brought a deep presence and beautiful wisdom to every one of our sessions together.These brilliant qualities combined with her natural essence as a teacher provided a safe and powerful space for me to discover my own truth and answers.”


Coaching Program
6 session coaching program is available to support you as you move forward and create what it is you want in your life. Whether that is a better relationship, a kinder more organized way of parenting, more meaningful work, or a whole new path, coaching will help you achieve that and more. Join the clients you read about on the Testimonial page and participate in designing your rich and meaningful life.

The program consists of:

  • 1 two-hour Discovery Session.
  • 5 40-minute sessions over 2 months.
  • Free email contact between sessions.

Fee: $400

Installment plans available: 2 payments of $200
Note to students: Please contact me directly for details on student discount rates.
Registration:  Call (406) 544-1068
Contact through email: holly@hollycarnes.com

Month-to-Month Coaching and Individual Sessions
Monthly coaching and individual sessions are available to clients who have completed the initial coaching program or are enrolled as full-time students. Individual sessions are 40-minutes and are designed to provide occasional or ongoing support.

Fee: $55 per session

Registration:  Call (406) 544-1068
Contact through email: holly@hollycarnes.com
Note to students: Please contact me directly for details on student discount rates.